We provide a fully managed network support service. Our service includes a half day, one day or more weekly onsite visit supplemented by remote support. We cover Admin and Curriculum networks and are your one-stop ICT support provider.

Our service includes provisions to aid school staff to make use of existing and future technologies to enhance management, teaching and learning.


We will survey and assess your network needs and design an infrastructure to optimise the core and backbone,incorporating resilience and maximising data throughput to the desktop.


We will source, install and configure multi-VLAN switched data networks. This service is recommended supplemental to our “Network infrastructure design” service where we will design, install and configure your network infrastructure.

Our Network installations include Wireless Access Point installation and configuration using 802.11x Enterprise Authentication where required. We work with wireless equipment vendors using optimised wireless technology by Meru Networks, Aruba Networks, Aerohive Networks and Cisco Systems to deliver high availability secure wireless networks.



Our extensive experience in schools allows us to design an appropriate hardware infrastructure to build resilient virtual server environments. We have worked with key education hardware and software vendors to configure hardware and software that meets the needs of our core school clients. This enables schools to take advantage of this new technology that reduces server and power usage costs, consolidating hardware and software warranties.

We setup, install and configure Microsoft Windows Server Domain networks. Our configurations incorporate secure Admin and Curriculum networks with data asset security in mind, and where appropriate facilitating conformation to applicable UK Government “HMG IA Standard No. 1 – Technical Risk Assessment” guidelines.

Our extensive Curriculum network experiences include managing proprietary networks from Education suppliers such as Ranger and Research Machines (RM). We have worked with RM networks from RM Connect 2 to Community Connect 3 and 4.


We have expertise in deploying Apple iMac and Macbook Pro computers for use standalone or integrating a suite of computers to work within a Windows Server domain network. We will work with you to identify the best way of utilising the technology to best fit each individual school’s needs.

Our expertise also includes the secure deployment and management of Apple iPad handheld devices for staff and students. Our deployments insure that the investments in these devices are monitored and managed as securely as possible.