Safeguarding Level 2

Level 2 Safeguarding Children- provides a greater knowledge base for those who work regularly with children and young people.

Core competencies:

• As outlined for Level 1

• Uses professional and clinical knowledge, and understanding of what constitutes child maltreatment, to identify any signs of child abuse or neglect

• Acts as an effective advocate for the child or young person

• Recognises the potential impact of a parent’s/carer’s physical and mental health on the well-being of a child or young person

• Clear about own and colleagues’ roles, responsibilities, and professional boundaries

• Able to refer as appropriate to role to social care if a safeguarding/child protection concern is identified

• Documents safeguarding/child protection concerns in order to be able to inform the relevant staff and agencies as necessary, maintains appropriate record keeping, and differentiates between fact and opinion

• Shares appropriate and relevant information with other teams

• Acts in accordance with key statutory and non-statutory guidance and legislation including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Human Rights Act