Safeguarding Supervision Training

CORE Networx deliver training and supervision sessions for professionals who work closely with children and young people. We are providers of safeguarding with extensive knowledge of supervision. This combination of safeguarding skills and supervision expertise makes us the ideal choice to deliver a robust supervision programme to meet your requirements.

Supervision for staff working within children’s services is considered an essential part of Safeguarding Children (Standard 5 – Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children and Young People DOH 2004). Whichever sector you work in, public or private, the principle remains the same. Supervision makes safer decisions for your clients and you. It is recommended that professionals making complex assessments and addressing need should have regular safeguarding supervision to improve outcomes for children and young people. It takes reflection and critical analysis to remain on firm ground in the decisions you make.

You may be looking to for expertise to assist you to introduce supervision into your organisation. You may be in a situation where you have implemented supervision and require assistance to deliver it to your most senior staff. If you require training on supervision skills we are able to design a programme and deliver this for you. We will work closely with you to ensure that we fully understand your needs. We can assist you, whatever your supervision needs.