Server Installation

Our extensive experience in schools allows us to select appropriate hardware to build resilient virtual server environments. We have worked with key education hardware and software vendors to configure hardware and software that meets the needs of our core school clients.  Our virtual server infrastructure deployments help reduce the cost of maintaining several physical servers and the associated power and maintenance costs whilst reducing the schools carbon footprint.

We setup, install and configure secure Microsoft Windows Server domain networks. Our configurations incorporate separate or unified Admin and Curriculum networks.  We can help securely integrate existing separate Microsoft domain networks into a single domain network which promotes cross-school communication and reduces data duplication.

Our Curriculum network experiences include managing proprietary networks from Education suppliers such as Ranger and Research Machines (RM). We have worked with RM networks from RM Connect 2 to Community Connect 3 and 4.  We are able to plan and manage the migration from these proprietary networks to a standard Microsoft domain network should you choose to do so.

Contact us if you require support or advice on a Server installation.