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We’ve seen this all before.. the mess that is the school data cab

Photo by Josep Martins on Unsplash

The ever evolving data cab..

After years of neglect and the use of data cables of various length and colour, the data cabinet has turned into the mess you see here.

old cabs

The school approached us when they started having issues on their network.

After diagnosing the problem, we identified the root cause to be their data cabling infrastructure.  We had to get the dirty work done!

We started by removing both their passive and active data cabinets and replace these with a brand new floor standing full height data cabinet.  Then came the the really hard work of removing every single data patch lead and replacing with new cat5e patch cables, all the same length and cable-tied neatly.

The result was instant! Network speed issues had been resolved and they now had a comms room cabinet fit for purpose and easy to troubleshoot should any problems arise in the future.

new cabinet

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