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Barlby and Kensington Queensmill new school build

Status: In progress

What was needed for each school:

  1. Design a network infrastructure layout to maximise network performance
  2. Design school data cabling infrastructure for main Contractor
  3. Create a design brief to cater for all ICT hardware for administration and classrooms
  4. Specify and implement a VoIP telephone system
  5. Design and implement a robust wireless network

As a member of the Achilles Supply Chain Risk Management, Core Networx were awarded the contract to deliver this Project as an industry recognised trusted supplier.  We were approached by the RBKC LA and the schools Barlby and Kensington Queensmill to design and implement all aspects of their ICT ranging from data cabling, network infrastructure, network design and telecommunication, and also facilitate for other IT related services such as Access Control and CCTV.

A single building was to be built to house the two separate schools. Both schools would have separate ICT networks with different requirements.

We are currently working alongside the main building contractor Mace and their Architects to monitor milestones and verify delivery of electrical and cabling work to specification.

We welcome you to check back here for an update when the project has been completed in September 2021

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